etc. tapes now available

the brand new tape-only release by the human fly, ‘etc.’ is now available for purchase on the bandcamp. Shipping is free, but shipping ‘donations’ are greatly appreciated (especially if you live overseas.) I am shipping these myself and it’s been quite an investment.

thank you to judy in quiet year records for all the help.
you can stream it here now if you’d like for free.
purchase of the tape will also result in a digital download.

next stop, the long-awaited ‘everything feels bad all at once’ vinyls….

I Was a Teenage Werewolf, by Treat Yourself

First Listen: Ka, 'The Night's Gambit' : NPR

I’ve been played.
Yeezus, J Cole, Earl Sweatshirt, all those records and singles mean nothing when stacked up to this understated, completely unselfish masterpiece of a record

i am not a real punk
or a scenester
or a DIY musician
i am just an ordinary guy who makes music
who knows very little about real music scenes
and sometimes plays at peoples’ houses or basements

be real, don’t fake it

edit: but respects the hell out of anyone who is the above

Big Snow Buffalo Lodge Closes For Good After Co-Owner Yoni David Is Shot

frightening stuff. thanks for the great times here, so sorry it had to end the way that it did. get well soon, Yoni. 

What the fuck Rolling Stone.
Just what the fuck.

surprise, a tape release

so we’re gonna do a tape to tide the world over before the release of the ‘everything feels bad all at once’ vinyl.

this one’s actually coming out.

etc. is coming out soon via quiet year records 

don’t think i forgot about those other tapes either

the rodney kings ep, by the rodney kings

This band tried to roll through Harrisonburg, VA. Not happening. Fuck this. I’m sure they’re not bad people, but this demonstrates really poor judgment and insight.  


Here’s the link to RSVP to the next human fly show.
It’s at Heirloom Arts Theatre in Danbury, CT.
Tuesday, July 23rd (one week from this coming Tuesday.)
$10 at the door. Doors at 6:30.

see you there. 

Total Slacker - Keep The Ships At Bay + Out of Body Experience | Newtown Radio | Swan7 Studio

keep your eyes out for these two tracks off of their 2nd LP. seen them twice before, never cease to impress.